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Drawnimals - Pokemon Game Creation Tool

This is the official group for the Website. The website was started because of the need for the tools and resources to make a pokemon game to be more accessable to everyone who loves to make Fakemon.

The idea was simple: create a game making game. A set of tools for uploading and sharing YOUR content with other people. You can upload Fakemon and Maps, you can stitch the maps together into regions and populate your region with Fakemon that can be captured and battled.

So far progress has been slow. I have been learning HTML5 and Javascript for about 2 years now so there are still some things I am learning :/

I hope you have a chance to try the site out and give me tips on how to improve it. I am not a content creator and I don't know what tools would be helpful.

Thanks for visiting and hopefully I will see you walking around Kanto which is the first area I am working on adding :)




Stuff Making

Hello anyone who is out there! I know my updates are usually boring and full of "oh i am working on" and "It should be" I am sorry for that :( This one is a little different cause it involves some updates that actually work!!!!

Here are some things I have added in the last 2 months:

Create a Region

You can create your own region! This was the first step in the many steps I have, and still need to, complete. For now you can make the region add a description and upload a small banner. Soon you will be able to create your own region and theme the site accordingly. Your logo will appear at the top of the site and you will be given a URL you can use to share your creation.

Upload Maps

If you are a map maker you will are able to upload your creations to the site. The site will then convert the map into a usable format for the site. You can add this map to one of your regions and then you can stitch the map together and create a seamless region map for exploring! You can explore some of Kanto for now.

That was the most important steps in this whole process, because the regions work and can be explored. For now I have warping between regions disabled. But I will add that soon.

Create a Drawnimal/Monster/Fakemon (still trying to come up with a overall theme)

At present you can create your own Fakemon, You can add all the stats and the Learn set. You can upload artwork and add it to a Region Dex. There are a few things I'm still working on like evolution code and such, but the Fakemon can level up and learn new moves which is a start.

Still in the works

Stuff below is still only half working :/

Create Moves

Kinda basic but you can make new attacks if you want. The coding area kinda works, still coming up with stuff for it.

Create Items

Create some items, Upload some artwork for them. Functionality for the items is still in the works.

Create Trainers

This is the next step, I have the editor made but it still needs to save. Hopefully you will be able to make trainers to populate your maps.

Create NPC's

I have some ideas on how to implement this, More then likely NPC's code vs placement will be edited separately, I am still indecisive on how to implement the differences between one person and another. Like if for me the snorlax is blocking the path then it will look weird if you can just walk past it because you have already woke it up on your account.
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