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So I am nearly finished with the overhaul of the website but there is not much to see. If you are eager to see or play something  I would suggest you wait until the battle system/NPC's are working again, Once they are working you will be able to create your own areas that will add to the world map.

In the mean time I will post some stuff that I have been working on in the gallery.

Cant wait to see how it all turns out. :D
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A long time ago, there was a kid who was oftentimes bullied in school. He was tormented so much one day that he ran away from home. After a few minutes, he realized that he was lost in the woods, and continued to wander through, looking for a sign of a way back to his home. After wandering for a while, he found a sketchbook. He took the sketchbook with him and soon found his way back home. Over the next couple months, he quickly learned how to draw. He discovered shortly afterward that whatever he drew in the sketchbook would come to life! He was amazed and wanted to learn how it worked. He studied and studied for months. During this time he still kept getting bullied. He quickly learned a lot about magic and became very powerful. As he thought to himself, "Now I will not be the one getting bullied", he discovered within himself a deep hatred of mankind, and quickly became very scared, for he realized he had become unstoppable and that he might become a danger to others. Even if the world was cruel and unfair to him, he could not let himself become the same, so he banished himself to another world, accidentally leaving his sketchbook behind. 

300 years later in the woods, a charismatic woman named Geneva was walking in the hallowed woods. As she was exploring this world, she stumbled upon a leather bound sketchbook. It looked very old yet the pages inside looked clean and new. It was completely blank. It was a very nice sketchbook so she decided to keep it. She soon discovered there was something unusual about this sketchbook. She was able to capture the creatures around her by aiming these pages at them. She could also bring these creatures back in a similar fashion. Soon, after getting home, she realized that with these pages, she could also bring her own sketches to life. She hid the sketchbook and tore out the page she had drawn on and ran to her friend to show them what she had discovered. They went back to look at the sketchbook, and discovered that the torn piece of paper had been replaced with a new one, almost as if it had grown back. They soon realized this as a great opportunity. She decided to form a company: The Drawnimals Coalition; the goal of this company was to sell the pages of the magical sketchbook to be used to capture creatures around the world.

These Drawn Animals became so popular and soon became so prolific that they took over the world. They were created to do all of the tasks that normally fill life of a human and soon humans had too much time on their hands. They started to battle these creatures and now everyone in the world is obsessed with them. Now, the only goal in life is to become the best trainer and to learn the secrets of the sketchbook! Just like the leaders of the Drawnimals Coalition!


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