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So I am nearly finished with the overhaul of the website but there is not much to see. If you are eager to see or play something  I would suggest you wait until the battle system/NPC's are working again, Once they are working you will be able to create your own areas that will add to the world map.

In the mean time I will post some stuff that I have been working on in the gallery.

Cant wait to see how it all turns out. :D
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Since the beginning of time there has always been the people who possess the power and those the power is applied to. Our story begins a long time ago...

One thing we all share in common is growing up. Sometimes this can be easy other times it can be a bad dream. For one unlucky girl along time ago it was a nightmare!

Every day she had to put up with the immature bullying of what felt like the whole of the townspeople. Building up to one terrible day. After going to school she would walk along the border of the town and the forest where she had hoped to spot some of the fantastical creatures that were talked about by here village elders. "Tall as a man and covered in large horns, We fought the beast when we were little" her grandpa would say in a drunken stupor.

But this walk would turn out to start a series of events that would affect everyone that came after her. After a hour of walking she had walked closer to the myst filled forest then she had ever gone before, Her parents and all of the village people had told her not to go close to the forest because it will try to eat her. But she questioned that logic and inside she felt it was wrong. Being this close to the edge was a little unnerving. She heard a howl and froze. This was not from a wolf, this one was scarier. It was from her rival and the worst bully in here school along with their friends. She ran for her life this time they would not get her!
She ran along the border of the forest until she reached the end... there wasn't anywhere left to run. She turned back face to face with her worst nightmare.

:: Pow :: right in the stomach. She fell to the ground.
:: smack :: She fell backwards laying on the ground.

Why where they doing this... She couldn't understand. Lucky for here there was a loud bang that came from the town hunters from a mile a way the behemoth and the rest turned to look at that moment she took the opportunity to run. To her feet she sprang up and fled into the forest. Awe struck the menace was to scared to follow her out of the town limits. She ran, she ran until she couldn't run any more.

After collapsing to the ground and regaining her breath it didn't take long before she realized that he was lost in the woods. She started to wander through, looking for a sign of a way back to her home.

After wandering for a while she came to a peaceful spot to sit and think about the situation that she was forced into. She was getting very hungry. She had remembered some of the plants she had read about in school that were edible so she began to look around the area where she was.

To her surprise she found a sketchbook. A very new looking sketchbook. Clean and not effected by the elements. Attached to that sketchbook was a pencil. So trying to distract from the pain of hunger she drew what else... Food. A slice of cake she had been craving. "MMM that sounded so good right now" she thought to herself. She set the sketchbook down and started looking again for something to eat.

Nothing. Except...

She turned back to where the sketchbook was and saw something that she never expected... The piece of cake she had drawn... it was sitting on top of the sketchbook! She grabbed it without thinking and ate it. It was perfect. Exactly what she had drawn!

She soon realized that this sketchbook was something more. She took the sketchbook with her and noticed a trail she had made when she ran through the forest, She followed it and to her surprise made it out of the forest alive.

Over the next couple months, she quickly learned how to draw. She discovered shortly afterward that whatever she drew in the sketchbook would come to life! She was amazed and wanted to learn how it worked. She studied and studied for months. During this time he still kept getting bullied. She quickly learned a lot about the magic and myth of her town. She learned how to use the sketchbook to create anything she wanted from food to fireballs, she soon became very powerful.

As she thought to herself, "Now I will not be the one getting bullied", she discovered within herself a deep hatred of mankind, and quickly became very scared, for she realized she could easily be unstoppable and she started having nightmares of her being a danger to her friends and family, dreams of pain and suffering.

Even if the world was cruel and unfair to her. She could not let herself become the same, so she banished herself to another world, as she stepped into the other world the sketchbook refused to come with her. It pulled away and they were both separated, She had lost her powers and was lost forever but with that separation came a significant loss in the sketchbooks powers as well...

300 years later in the woods, a charismatic woman named Geneva was walking in the hallowed woods. As she was exploring this world, she stumbled upon a leather bound sketchbook. It looked very old yet the pages inside looked clean and new. It was completely blank. It was a very nice sketchbook so she decided to keep it. She soon discovered there was something unusual about this sketchbook. She held it up to a field of deer to get a perspective of what she was looking at and was shocked at what happened. The three deer turned into 2 deer and in her confusion she looked around for the third deer and could not find it. She then looked down at the page from the sketchbook. A pencil sketch of the deer had appeared on the page. She threw the paper scared of what had happened and in a flash of light out popped the deer from the paper.

It ran off!

She was able to capture the animals around her by aiming these pages at them. She could also bring these creatures back in a similar fashion. Soon, after getting home, she realized that with these pages she could also bring her own sketches to life. She hid the sketchbook and tore out the page she had drawn on and ran to her friend to show them what she had discovered. They went back to look at the sketchbook, and discovered that the torn piece of paper had been replaced with a new one, almost as if it had grown back. They soon realized this as a great opportunity. She decided to form a company: The Drawnimals Coalition; the goal of this company was to sell the pages of the magical sketchbook to be used to capture creatures around the world. These Drawn Animals became so popular and soon became so prolific that they took over the world. They were created to do all of the tasks that normally fill life of a human and soon humans had too much time on their hands. They started to battle these creatures and now everyone in the world is obsessed with them. Now, the only goal in life is to become the best trainer and to learn the secrets of the sketchbook! Just like the leaders of the Drawnimals Coalition!




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